Boone Cabin Orientation Training Event


Kendell Wilson
Major: Political Science
Minor: Communication Studies
Hometown: Iowa Park, Texas;
but I was an Air Force brat so I’ve also lived in Washington State and Abilene, Texas.
I chose to be a peer advisor because I like helping people: I’m happiest when I am able to improve someone else’s day, and being a peer advisor was a way for me to help incoming students before they even really got on campus.

Ashley Eberly
Major: Chemistry & Math
Hometown: Purcellville, VA
I chose to be a peer advisor because I love to help others organize their time to allow them to de-stress and maximize their potential.

Nia Watts
Double Major:
Psychology and Criminal Justice
Hometown: Columbia SC
I chose to be a peer advisor for the opportunity to extend my experiences here at UA to future students and their families like my peer advisor did for me at Bama Bound.

Alecia Elam
Major: Psychology
Minor: Criminal Justice
Hometown: Elgin, Illinois
I chose to be a peer advisor because I would really like to help the incoming freshman feel welcome and set them up for success here at the Capstone.

Diarra Bender
Major: International Studies
Minor: Spanish, Chinese
Home: Alabaster, AL
I chose to be a peer advisor because I have always enjoyed meeting new people and participating in school organizations. My goal is to help other student’s see that school is not meant to be stressful or scary, but actually a place for them to make new friends, have new experiences, and learn something new every day.

Jaylin Russell
Major: Communicative Disorders
Minor: Child Development
Home: Birmingham, AL
I chose to be a peer advisor to build long life relationships and welcome new students to the UA family!

Rachel Christ
Major: interdisciplinary studies with a focus in Game design Minor: Japanese
Home City: Louisville KY
I choose to be a peer advisor so I can help students on the path they wish to pursue and to give them a warm and welcoming experience into the University of Alabama.

Ethan Roberson
Major: Political Science and Public Relations
Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona
I chose to be a peer advisor because when I went through my Bama Bound a couple of summers ago, I absolutely fell in love with the process and wanted to get involved with orientation in any way I could. After a summer of being an avanti Orientation leader, I wanted to return to the process as a peer advisor to help students choose their majors/classes, which was my favorite part of working orientation last year.

Robert Petit
Major: Interdisciplinary
Hometown: Columbia, SC
I chose to be a peer advisor because I was looking for a job over the summer and am hoping to reach out and help incoming students.

Devona Richardson
Hometown: Eufaula, Al
Major: Psychology
Minor: Criminal Justice, African American Studies
I chose to become a peer advisor because I want to help ease the concerns and questions of incoming freshmen and their parents.

Rob Cragon
Major: Biology
Hometown: Jackson, Mississippi
I chose to be a peer advisor to help incoming freshman have as good of a Bama Bound experience as I did.

Francis Medearis
Major: Psychology
Minor: Sociology
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
I chose to be a peer advisor so that I could be helpful to the incoming freshman like I was helped during my Bama Bound, and have it be a positive experience for them. It’s a scary and nerve racking time for the freshman and it’s always nice to have someone there to help who has been through it all before.

Xavier McCoy
Minor: Cyber Criminology, Psychology
Hometown: Accokeek MD
I chose to be a peer advisor because the help and advice I got from upperclassmen coming into my freshmen year really helped and shaped my experiences for the better. I want to be able to help new students in the same manner.

Joseph Forcherio
Major: International Studies and Political Science
Minor: Russian
Hometown: Somerville, TN
I chose to be a peer advisor because I have an absolute admiration for education in its many forms. The peer advisor program allows me to gain experience working with young adults on a group and individual level, and such experience is invaluable for someone whose career goals include being an educator.

Colin Dunne
Major: Chemistry
Minor: Biology
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
I chose to be a peer advisor because I remember how lost I was during orientation and wanted to act as a guide and resource for incoming students so they can make good decisions regarding their schedules.