“Being a part of the Parker-Adams program facilitated my Freshman year experience here at the University of Alabama. The program truly gave me to opportunity to better acclimate myself into the student body and the tools to become a successful student. I would’ve been lost had it not been for the Parker-Adams program, but with the help from our Fellows and supervising professors like Ms. Pamela Derrick and Dr. Larry Bowen, I had much guidance to allow for success.”  — Katerina Garcia, Junior, Miami, Florida, Psychology (pre-med)



“Being a PA fellow has molded my leadership skills. The experiences you get as a fellow are ones that are not as easily obtainable elsewhere. You meet not only various students from multiple backgrounds, but you get the opportunity to network with various UA faculty and staff members. The relationships made

through this program are ones that last a very long time. Being a fellow has helped me become a better speaker, leader, and mentor. I have learned skills that I am going to always need and use to further my college and post-college career.” — Xavier McCoy, Junior, Oxon, MD, Criminal Justice Major




“Being a PA fellow is something I never thought that I would have done.  Being a fellow has helped me tremendously with my confidence as a leader.  While being a fellow, we have put on different types of events.  Sometimes the events would not go as planned, but we had to learn to adapt and be flexible.  I learned how much preparation goes into putting an event on and learned how everything has to be done in a timely manner.

All the advice and lessons I learned while being a fellow will continue to follow me through life.  I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to not only be in the program, but to lead it.” — Lily O’Neil, Junior, Carmel, IN, Psychology Major


Former Students

0217161057a“As a freshman walking onto campus for the first time in the fall, you don’t know as much as you think you do. I promise! You may have done great in high school, and that’s fantastic, but University life is an entirely different beast. You are going to need money, you are going to need friends, and you need to be building your resume, all while keeping your head above water in classes. Parker-Adams is a fantastic answer for freshmen who are committed to maintaining a healthy balance of all of these as well as learning more about themselves and opportunities on campus. For me specifically, Parker-Adams opened my eyes to the possibilities of on-campus jobs that provides a reliable flow of pocket change handy, and even more importantly, Parker-Adams introduced me to the possibility of studying abroad. Hands down, the best 5 months of my life were spent in Rome during the Fall 2015 semester and I attribute the fact that I even found out about the program to my PA Professor (Dr. Larry Bowen) talking about a Summer interim trip to Italy that he leads in May. I did not end up doing his specific course, but the important thing is that the idea was planted; whereas, I never would have considered studying abroad otherwise simply because it would not have crossed my mind. You don’t know as much as you think you do, but If you give Parker-Adams a chance, that doesn’t have to be true at the end of your freshman year as well.” — Taylor Derebery, Graduate, Tyler, TX, Political Science and Economics Major



Larry Brown, Parker-Adams Faculty-in-Residence“In my role as Faculty-In-Residence, I work hard to get to know as many of the students as possible. I try to make myself available to students by spending as much time as I can in the common room and by having an open-door policy so that students know that they can always drop in or call me if they need me. Also, because I teach mathematics, I am able to give the students math advice, as well as help with math homework.”

— Dr. Larry Bowen, Faculty-in-Residence