Parker-Adams Fellows 2018-2019


Lacy (Tre) McClung, Senior, Pelham, AL, Medical Administration

PA has definitely helped me throughout college. PA has allowed me to explore other major options, as well as learn about the many academic resources on campus. I am looking forward to what the coming year will bring for PA, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!



Katerina Garcia, Senior, Miami, FL, Psychology Major on the Pre-Med Track

I am very much looking forward to being a Parker-Adams fellow for a second consecutive year.  I really hope to make better connections between our Parker-Adams students and information regarding everything Pre-Health as a fellow in the next academic semester.


Maurice Williams, Junior, Jacksonville, FL, Biology Major on the Pre-Med Track

I am really excited to meet new people next year. I’m also eager to experience the life of a PA Fellow living in Harris. Getting to know the new students and helping them out, while learning/improving all of the important skills of the job, has been on my mind quite a bit lately.  Along with gaining awareness of my faults and a drive to become better, I gained a desire to participate in more events on campus and express my opinion more often during conversations.


Brenna Saunooke, Junior, Anaheim, CA, Art with a concentration in Photography

I am looking forward to coming up with creative/ fun events for next year, I have gained a lot of friends and awesome memories through PA. I hope to be able to come up with activities or events that the students would enjoy going to. Please let me know if you need anything else!!


Mary Franke Beachman, Junior, Vestavia Hills, AL, Latin & English Double Major

The Parker Adams program really helped me learn how to time manage in college, as well as really increased my problem solving skills. I also made some lasting friendships I think will last throughout my college years.  I really hope to improve my leadership skills and to continue to learn new skills and make new friends.



Melissa Sharpe, Junior, Conyers, GA, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

My hobbies include cooking, hanging out with friends and discovering new music/artists. PA has given me close friends, new activities to do on campus, and revealed to me ways to succeed on camps. I look forward to meeting you all this fall!


Toby Mustard, Sophomore, Houston, TX, Theatre Major

I am really excited for the upcoming year! I love anything Broadway, food and animals.
Parker-Adams helped me a lot my freshman year. I made some amazing lifelong friends in this program as well as had a great support system for whenever I was struggling in classes. I also learned some amazing life skills, from adapting/working with different types of people and even proper dining etiquette. I am super excited to meet everyone in the fall!


Hannah Hare, Sophomore, Danville, Iowa, Major: Psychology; Minor: Criminal Justice.

I am looking forward to being able to work with incoming freshmen to help them be as successful as possible their first year in college, and to guide them to achieve success in years to come. I can’t wait to get to spend time with them and help them in any way whether it be with school or just with life problems! I want to be there as not just a mentor, but a friend as well! Parker Adams is an experience you will not regret having!



Aubree Cuip, Sophomore, Hartselle, AL, Social Work Major & Psychology Minor
Parker Adams gave me resources and and taught me important skills needed for a successful first year at UA. Along with these skills, I was also able to acquire friendships that I will cherish for years to come. Coming back to the program as a fellow will allow me to share the knowledge that my fellows have given me. I’m really looking forward to meeting all the incoming freshmen and strengthening my skills as a leader.


Amanda Rogers, Sophomore, Guntersville AL, English with a minor in Creative Writing

I’m looking forward to adding more wonderful stories to my, already, extensive collection from this group.





Destiny Graham, Sophomore,  Charleston, South Carolina, Major: Public Health with a minor in Biology

I look forward to being a fellow this year and getting to help others that are coming into the program. I’m also excited to create a bond with the new members.


The Parker-Adams Fellow is a leadership position available to students after their freshman year here at UA. These students work closely with the current Parker-Adams students as mentors, making the transition from high school life to college life smoother than ever!



  • Proctor and maintain records for study hall (4 hours per week each semester)
  • Serve as peer leader for one of the Parker-Adams event committees
  • Attend the Arts & Sciences AS 101 and AS 102 Classes
  • Offer pre-advisement before registration periods
  • Support and attend community and University cultural, academic, and social events with Parker-Adams students
  • Mentor incoming students by
    • Knowing and interacting with students on a regular basis
    • Assisting students as they adjust to campus life
    • Serving as a role model for students
    • Being knowledgeable of campus resources
    • Demonstrating a positive attitude
  • Conduct oneself in a responsible and mature manner at all times
  • Maintain confidentiality as related to job functions and resident concerns

NOTE: Fellows are not responsible for judicial concerns or crisis intervention.

Education Requirements

  • Must be an alumnus of the Parker-Adams Program
  • Full-time enrollment at The University of Alabama
  • Have a good academic standing each semester and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA (cumulative)


Students who live in Harris Hall will receive $750 per semester ($1500 per year), while students who live outside of Harris Hall will receive $500 per semester ($1000 per year).

NOTE: PA Students have an opportunity to apply for the PA Fellow/RA position. These are the only live-in positions that will be available. Please review the RA selection process on the Housing website for more information.


If you are interested in becoming a Fellow for the Parker-Adams Living Learning Community, please complete the Parker-Adams Fellow Application (2017-2018).

Students who have participated in the Parker-Adams program may apply!

Deadline: Application materials are due January 11, 2019 to 200 Clark Hall or