Experiential Learning Services

AS 101 & 102 Class Activities

This freshman learning community provides:

  • A network of support through peer mentors, Parker Adams Fellows, and faculty-in-residence who helps to guide Parker-Adams students through academic and personal issues
  • Designated sections of AS 101 (fall) and AS 102 (spring), which help students learn about campus services while immersing students in experiential learning.
  • Designated sections of EN 101 and EN 102
  • The option to live with fellow Parker-Adams students in Harris Hall (subject to availability).

Parker-Adams is designed to be fun, yet still enrich students’ academic abilities. Throughout the year, our dedicated staff of Parker-Adams Fellows plan events like a murder mystery dinner, themed movie nights, and the student favorite “PA at the Lake.” In Parker-Adams, there is always a friend for times of work and play.


A look inside AS 101 and 102:

Freshman success us the focus of AS 101 during the fall semester. Topics include time management, test taking skills, campus services, university policies, and exploring majors. Each spring, AS 102 focuses on developing professional competencies including problem-solving skills, teamwork, and presentation skills. Students explore internships, education abroad, undergraduate research, and service learning, and they practice their skills by working in teams to assist a local non-profit.

There is no extra cost to participate in Parker-Adams.

Parker Adams Learning Community Year at a Glance:

AS 101 (Fall)

Campus Services

Center for Academic Success

Know Your Blood Alcohol Content

Undergraduate Research

Education Abroad

Know the Code

Service Learning

Academic Support

Test-Taking Skills

Academic Advising (in class)

Registration Preparation

Academic Policy Review

Confirming Majors-Majors Fair

AS 102 (Spring)

Career Development

Experiential Learning (internships, research, education abroad)

Problem Solving

Professionalism/Work Ethic

Leadership and Teamwork

Presentation Skills

Career Readiness-Core Competencies

Resume building

Mock Interviews


Service Learning Projects

Team Sessions

Group Presentations