Job Experience

College First: AP Mentoring Initiative

If you are staying in Tuscaloosa for the summer and need a job, check out the flyer below.  If you want to help high school students reach their full potential, this is a great opportunity for you!  This program trains college students to implement a pre-AP summer academic encrichment program for high school students!  You

Peace Corps Application Discussion Panel

Are you interested in applying to Peace Corps and wonder what the application process is like? Please join a panel of University of Alabama students who are in various stages of the application process.  They will discuss their individual experiences and provide tips and advice on the Peace Corps application process. Contact Info: Jody O’Dell,

Want credit for your internship?

Here at the University of Alabama we offer great internship recourses for students to explore! At some point in your college career you will do an internship and wonder what the next step is. One of the options you should consider is GS 491. This is a course you can take that will allow you